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Our Philosophy: “Your smile is your Logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you is your trademark"

Just as we believe it's important for us to know who you are and how you want your Holiday to be, we also believe it's important for you to know who we are and how we approach our Passion of Creating Memories for You & Your Family. Here you'll learn about our Team, the people involved, culture & capabilities that make our Team unique. Once you take the time to find out what we're all about, we're confident you'll like what & how we plan for you :)

India Inbound Holiday Team

Ujwala Borkar

Ujwala has an experience of 15 Years in Travel Industry and had started her Career with Girikand Travels. Today she is an Integral Part of our Domestic Holidays. She is again one of those few having knowledge of all the areas of Travel Industry operations but finally decided to settle down with our Domestic Team. Her Interaction & Communication skill sets her apart from others and Team Members from every department have someday or the other taken suggestion or ideas from her. She is a perfect example of an All Rounder since she juggles her time between being a Wife, Mother at home & a Great Colleague in Office

Mob: +91 9423762707

Phone : ujwala.borkar@nomads.in

Manish Dhende

Manish has an experience of 8 years in Travel Industry. He Heads our Domestic Kerala & South India Bookings & is our go to MAN for any difficulty or problem. he has a knack of developing long lasting Business Relations with his Down to Earth & Effective Communication Skills with Guest or Travel Partners. Has been a part of Nomads since last 3 years and is one of the Main Team Member in Domestic Team on whom we can rely for anything & everything. Is shy be nature & a perfect Family Mam :)

Mob: +91 8407903000

E Mail: manish.dhende@nomads.in

Mithali Dhole

Mithali is an MBA in HR and has been a part of Nomads since last 3 Years. She heads our Online Domestic Holiday Booking Team & also handles Domestic Hotel Bookings in India. Always on a move and lively by Heart, she is an Expert in communication with Travel Partners & Guest to first understand there requirements & then Consult on available Hotel / Holiday options.

Mob: +91 8407908000

E Mail: mithali.dhole@nomads.in

Nitin Pendam

Nitin has been a part of Nomads since last 4 years & takes care of the Database Creation for Domestic Online Hotels & managing it. Shy by nature, he is one who silently & relentlessly keep his work speaking for himself :)

E Mail: nitin.pendam@nomads.in

International Holidays & Ticketing Team

Karuna Vaidya

Karuna has been in Travel Industry since last 7 years and with Nomads since last 5 years. She looks after Singapore, Star Cruise, Thailand, Dubai, Maldives & Mauritius Holidays and slowly & steadily made herself indispensable in our system. With her Hard Work & Determination, she has learned to Create Customised Itineraries of these Places and give constancy to Guest & Travel Partners on how to design there Holidays. She is also an Expert in International Air Ticketing and looks after our Corporate Air Ticket bookings also. Loves to Travel & to Dress, she is no doubt our Best Dressed Colleague in Office.

Mob: +91 9665015149

E Mail: karuna.vaidya@nomads.in

Aakriti Tripathi

Aakriti, with an experience of 8 years in Travel Industry started her career with Malaysian Airlines as an Office Executive before moving on to work in a Travel Consultancy Firm. She has immense experience of Creating Customised Holiday Itineraries of Europe, Scandinavia, CIS Countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, USA, South America & many other exotic locations around the World. Travelling is what she thrives on and that has taken her to over 20 Countries around the World in such a short span of time. Holiday Consultancy throughout the World & giving ideas on High End Travel Products & Best Concept Hotels around the World is her Core Competence & forte.

Mob: +91 9049504149

E Mail: aakriti.tripathi@nomads.in

Ankita Nalge

Ankita is our Newest Team Member having joined in Oct 2016 but to her Credit, Hard Work & Determination, today she is one of the most Important Members in our International Holiday Team. She started her Career with Nomads as a Data Entry Assistant for Online Hotel Database and within a span of few months she is an Expert preparing Customised Holiday Itineraries of all major Europe Destinations for our Guest & Travel Partners. She also heads our Visa Section. Ability to learn quickly & preparedness to serve & work round the clock are her core strength.

Mob: +91 8552806000

E Mail: ankita.nalge@nomads.in

Domestic Ticketing Team

Shakil Ahmed

One of our Oldest Team Members and has been a part of Nomads since last 10 years. Without any formal Travel Background & Training, Shakil has toiled hard and reached on his own merit where he is today. Started as an Assistant Accountant and then slowly learning about Travel he moved to Passport Assistance and then finally to being the Head for our Corporate / Domestic Air Ticket Bookings. Always been very Down to Earth, Humble & Low Profile, he is one of the most Key Members today handling all the Corporate Ticketing & Communications. His patience is his biggest asset!

Mob: +91 9822563116

E Mail: shakil.ahmed@nomads.in

Sachin Wankhede

Joined Nomads as a Office Assistant and slowly by doing & learning things, he moved his way to Passport Assistance, Accounts Assistant & then finally settling down in our Domestic Air Ticketing Team. Has an experience of 8 Years in Travel Industry. We need a lot of patience in Travel Industry and Sachin has lots of that with him!

Mob: +91 8408803000

E Mail: sachin.wankhade@nomads.in

Accounts & Admin Team

Hemraj Hedaoo

Hemraj has been with Nomads since last 3 years & handling Accounts as well as Office Administration. His ability to always keep learning & being down to earth is what makes him Special.

Mob: +91 9561819179

E Mail: hemraj.hedaoo@nomads.in

Sonam Hurkat

Sonam, comes from a Traditional Accounts Background with immense Technical Accounting Knowledge. But she has much more than this to her Credit. One of our most Naturally Gifted Team Members, Sonam sets an example for being a person with Hands-on Experience for everything she does. She Heads our HR Department, Corporate Accounts & GST Panel and is a Guiding Light to all of us regarding everything & anything in our Accounts. She is also credited with creating & successfully running our HR Programme for Nomads Team Members.

Mob: +91 9561819179

E Mail: sonam.hurkat@nomads.in


Nishit Goenka

One of our 5 Directors & Heading our Air Ticketing Team & Short International Holidays (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Sri Lanka, Maldives & Dubai to name a few), Nishit has been one of our Founding Members and pillar of strength right from the starting days of Nomads. Has been in Travel Industry since last 10 years, he is one of the few Members who has in-depth knowledge of all the working areas in a Travel Industry since he has grown up working in Accounts, Air Ticketing, Domestic Holidays, Visa Support & now handling major Short International Holidays & Domestic Air Ticketing. He if fun loving and loves to interact with people & understand what they want in there Holidays!

Mob: +91 9665256000

E Mail: nishit@nomads.in

Vishwanath Upadhyay

One of our 5 Directors and Heading our Domestic Team, Vishwanath has an experience of over 20 Years in Travel Industry. He started his career as a Tour Escort escorting Big Group Tours to different parts of India and also worked as Resort Manager in a Manali Hotel following which he made Kerala his home ground, literally! He has been a Kerala & South India expert since last 10 years and the Brain behind our Domestic Online Booking System which has revolutionised Creating & Booking of Holiday Packages. He loves travelling (we have to if we want to be in Travel Industry) and interacting with people

Mob: +91 9860085000

E Mail: upadhyay@nomads.in

Sudip Agarwal

Sudip loves to Travel & that reflects in his Passion in Creating New Holiday Itineraries Products & visiting them himself first before promoting it with Guest & Travel Partners. His biggest strength is his T.E.A.M. :)

Mob: +91 9665056000

E Mail: sudip@nomads.in

International Office Team


Shahid has been in Dubai since last 3 years and specialises in meeting with Guest, understanding there requirements & arranging them

E Mail: dubai@nomads.in

Barnabas Toth

Budapest - Hungary
Barne as he is fondly called, is from Budapest and has in dept knowledge of Tours in & around Budapest.

E Mail: budapest@nomads.in

Frane Skoric

Zagreb - Croatia
Frane is a native of Zagreb, Croatia and has widely travelled in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Austria & other Easter Europe Countries in last 5 years.

E Mail: croatia@nomads.in


Nice - France
Marcin has been a resident of Nice - French Riviera since last 10 years and has in depth knowledge of Cities of French Riviera & Chamonix Area.

E Mail: nice@nomads.in